The Thoroughly Modern Nineties with Emma Jane Menteath

History always tends to repeat itself and we see how true that is through fashion. The nineties revival is on our doorstep from minimal coats to slip dresses and overalls.  We can finally celebrate the comeback of our favourite style icons of the decade – think Clueless, The Craft and my favourite celebrity couple of all time: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

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The Beauty of a White Shirt by Sigourney Cantelo

white shirt campaign sigourney cantelo

Witchery Style Collective member, Sigourney Cantelo is one of the country’s leading beauty and style experts and founder of website Beauticate. The former Vogue beauty and health director reveals why the white shirt campaign is particularly close to her heart and how you can style your hair and makeup to make the most out of this perennial classic.

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3 ways to wear a white shirt by Jessie Bush

white shirt campaign jessie bush

There are few things more versatile and universally chic than a simple white shirt. Whether it’s worn under a slick tailored suit, loosely buttoned up with distressed denim or thrown over a bikini, the white shirt will always have a time and a place.

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DIY white shirt bustier by Geneva Vanderzeil

white shirt campaign geneva vanderzeil

As someone who’s always looking for ways to wear things in a different way, this month I show you how to wear your white shirt as a bustier, no scissors involved!

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Tanja Gacic: What the white shirt means to me

Tanja G White Shirt Campaign

Every woman needs a white shirt in her life and each year Witchery produces a collection of white shirts in different styles and fabrications – there truly is a shirt for everyone’s taste and the best part is that 100% of the proceeds go toward the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

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