Three things your makeup bag needs this season by Sigourney Cantelo

Sigourney Cantelo Style Collective

Sigourney Cantelo, the founder of Beauticate, is one of Australia’s leading beauty experts. She gives her take on the three makeup trends you need to know about this season and how to wear them.

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Hunter Amos Eakin at Camp Seahawk by CATGK


Hunter is always making things, learning something or bringing art to life. I guess you could say nature is his canvas and the elements are his medium. Every time I see this kid he is either painting, drawing, collecting or taking photos. If he isn't doing this he is surfing, canoeing, skating, fishing or travelling with his adventurous family. 

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Stylish Staples with Jimmy Bartel

Oliver Grand Jimmy Bartel

Three items in this season's color palette of navy, black & charcoal are as easily dressed up as they are down. Take cues from Jimmy Bartel and invest in smart, stylish and super versatile staples.

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The Thoroughly Modern Nineties with Emma Jane Menteath

History always tends to repeat itself and we see how true that is through fashion. The nineties revival is on our doorstep from minimal coats to slip dresses and overalls.  We can finally celebrate the comeback of our favourite style icons of the decade – think Clueless, The Craft and my favourite celebrity couple of all time: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

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The Beauty of a White Shirt by Sigourney Cantelo

white shirt campaign sigourney cantelo

Witchery Style Collective member, Sigourney Cantelo is one of the country’s leading beauty and style experts and founder of website Beauticate. The former Vogue beauty and health director reveals why the white shirt campaign is particularly close to her heart and how you can style your hair and makeup to make the most out of this perennial classic.

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