Modern Proportions by Lindy Klim

Like any girl who holds a piece of Melbourne in her heart, I am a die-hard fan of black. It’s the ever-faithful section of your wardrobe that never lets you down… the trusted comrade who will haul you out of a crisis, the true go-to. We know that black is a friend for life, so it’s nicely liberating to take a little sabbatical every once in a while and test some newer waters. Lately I have been loving navy – for someone who likes things a little more subdued, it’s not too great a leap away from the old favourite noir, yet feels refreshingly rich in its deep tone.

Lindy Klim Modern Proportions

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Summer Blues with Tania Braukamper

The softest chambray brings with it a haze of nostalgic retro-luxe, mingled with the graces of modern minimalism.  It deserves nothing less than to be paired with some equally retro-modern accessories - a chunky bead necklace, a tan leather bag - and bathed in golden sun.

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City Sense with Jimmy Bartel

Jimmy Bartel Oliver Grand

With an attachment to stitched up sensibility, city dressing has toned down this month. January introduces a new city attire, casual laid back with an air of ease. See how we style summer's lightweight layers, featuring Jimmy Bartel.

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Party Season Dressing by Nadia Bartel

Nadia Bartel Style Collective

What better way to celebrate the end of a great year then to pop on your party heels, grab a champagne and dance the night away. As soon as December arrives there is a buzz in the air, everyone is in a relaxed mood and excited for the holiday period that is looming closer, this calls for equally fun wardrobe choices.

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How to: easy holiday style and beauty by Sigourney Cantelo

I think the best thing about summer is that your beauty routine gets to put its feet up, too. When it’s hot you can sport bronzed skin with minimal makeup and it’s ‘fresh’. You can dress up an all-white outfit by just adding a bright lip, and you can go for a swim in the ocean, let your hair air dry and call it ‘texture’. To celebrate the launch of Witchery’s new beauty collection, I chose four low-maintenance looks from the fashion range and worked them back with some easy makeup looks. Here’s how to do effortless style and summer beauty (more time for beach).

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